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  • Is there a limit to the number of people I can refer to the myWorld app?
    There is no limit! You can easily refer the myWorld app to your friends and family so they can benefit from the incredible savings. When a new shopper registers, they will receive 30 Shopping Points, and you will also receive 30 Shopping Points. Remember, each Shopping Point can be redeemed for $1 through Cashback Deals, allowing you to earn $30 for each registered shopper.
  • Am I able to refer a merchant, and what will I receive in return?
    Yes, within the app, you can find a link to refer merchants by scrolling left or right from the link to register a freind. Look for the link to register a Partner. For each Partner you refer, you will receive 75 Shopping Point, which is equivalent to $75 once redeemed. If you are interested in referring merchants, we recommend exploring an alternative option that will allow you to get Paid on millions of purchases.
  • How can I change my password?
    A unique and secure password is the best way to protect your account from being taken over by someone else. If you are worried about the security of your account because: You use the same password on multiple platforms You know of a third party who knows your password or could guess it You often receive emails asking you to confirm the change of your email Your password does not meet the current minimum standard You have other security concerns then we strongly advise you to change your password. Passwords for the myWorld Website must at least meet the following criteria Must be at least 8 characters long Contain at least one letter (a-z or A-Z) Must contain at least one other type of character (number, special character, ...) Cannot contain any spaces at the beginning or end. To change your password, please click here
  • How do I activate cookies in my browser?
    To make sure you receive your Shopping Benefits when shopping with myWorld online, please start by making sure that the cookie settings in your browser are correct. Here is a short guide to the appropriate cookie setting in the most common browsers. Chrome Click on the three dots in the top right corner of the browser window and then on "Settings" in the menu that opens. In the new tab, go to the section "Privacy and security" and open the item "Site settings". Click on "Cookies and site data" The setting "Allow sites to save and read cookie data (recommended)" must be activated and the other two settings deactivated The settings are automatically adopted. Firefox Click on the three lines in the top right-hand corner of the browser window and then click "Options" in the menu that opens Select the option "Privacy & Security" from the menu on the left For the setting under "Enhanced Tracking Protection" select the "Standard" option If you prefer the "Custom" option, please set "Cross-site and social media trackers" in the drop-down next to "Cookies" Under the item "History" the option "Remember history" in the drop-down next to "Firefox will" must be selected. The settings are automatically adopted You may need to restart your browser. Safari In the menu bar at the top of the browser, select "Safari" and click on "Preferences" in the menu that opens. In the pop-up that opens, select the option "Privacy". Deactivate the option "Block all cookies" in the "Cookies and website data" area. The changes will be automatically adopted
  • Does myWorld charge a membership fee?
    No, myWorld membership is free of charge and non-binding.
  • Do you sell my personal data?
    No! The only person who we share your name, email and phone number with is the Merchant or the person who registered you.
  • Is there a minimum age for registration?
    Yes. The minimum age varies depending on the legal regulations in the respective country. See our Terms and Conditions for information on the minimum age in your country.
  • Where can I find more information about myWorld?
    To find more information about myWorld, you can typically visit the official website at or the corporate website at
  • Do I only have the myWorld App, or do I also have a personal back office on a website?
    Every shopper can access the myWorld app as well as the back office at, where you can login using the same username and password as you do for the app. Watch the video tutorial below on how to navigate the website.
  • Is the myWorld app free?
    Yes, our app is 100% free to download and use!
  • How can I make payment for the eGift Cards purchased through the monthly Gift Card order?
    When placing an order, you will complete a direct debit form, and the funds will be automatically deducted from your bank account on a monthly basis.
  • Is it possible to use a credit card for payment on my Easy Shop Order?
    No! Currently, payment can only be made via direct debit.
  • What benefits does the Monthly Gift Card order offer in comparison to buying eGift Cards as needed?
    EasyShop Plus features exclusive brands with attractive offers, where many provide 25% Shopping Points. For instance, when you purchase a $100 eGift Card, you earn 25 Shopping Points that can be exchanged for $25 Cash through Cashback Deals.
  • What is the value of a Shopping Point?
    Each Shopping Point holds a value of $1 and can be redeemed for cash when you shop at participating myWorld Partners that offer Cashback Deals.
  • How do I collect Shopping Points?
    There are two methods to accumulate Shopping Points: 1) You can earn Shopping Points with each purchase you make, with some purchases offering up to 25% in Shopping Points. For example, on a $100 purchase you could receive up to 25 Shopping Points. 2) Another way to earn Shopping Points is by referring the myWorld app to your friends and family. For each referral, you will receive 30 SPs. Furthermore, there are opportunities to earn additional rewards, including cash incentives. To find out more, visit the REFER & EARN page.
  • What if I don't have enough Shopping Points available for a Cashback Deal?
    If you lack sufficient Shopping Points, you will automatically receive the standard Cashback and Shopping Points provided by the merchant.
  • How much Cashback will I receive on purchases?
    Cashback can vary based on the myWorld Partner. In most cases, it is between 1% and 5% of your purchase.
  • What can I do with my Cashback?
    You have the option to transfer it to your bank account or use it towards purchasing eGift Cards from some of the largest name brand stores. Visit the link below to discover how to link your bank account for Cashback transfers.
  • How do I link my bank account to transfer my Cashback?
    First, log into your online account on and select your profile icon and select "My Settings". Under "Payment Details" enter your routing and account number.
  • How much does it cost for my business to become part of the myWorld reward program?
    Absolutely NO fees - no sign-up fees, no monthly fees. You only incur a commission on purchases made by myWorld members.
  • How much commission do I pay on purchases?
    The percentage varies based on your industry, typically falling between 6.5% - 10.5%. The majority of industries have an average of 8.5%. Click Here to see margins by sector and industry.
  • How can I register my business?
    Please send us your contact info by clicking on this form and we will contact you
  • How long does it take to get my business registered?
    The registration and activation process is conducted entirely online and typically takes around 10 minutes.
  • How will my business be advertised?
    myWorld will promote your business at absolutely no cost across all our channels, including: -Shopper App -Shopper Back Office -Push notifications -Geofencing notifications -Emails -Social media, and more
  • Should my business create a Cashback Deal?
    Absolutely! We observe that merchants offering Cashback Deals attract up to 50 times more customers than those without them. You have the flexibility to activate and deactivate Cashback deals at your convenience. Deals should range between 5% and 75%. If you create a deal, you will incur additional commission only when that deal is utilized, equivalent to the deal amount.
  • Can Nonprofit organizations such as schools, sports teams and chambers of commerce also participate and benefit?
    YES! If the organization sells products, they will be promoted as a merchant. - Great for Sport Teams to register fans and earn 1% of their shopping - Great for non profits to and their donors to shop using this free app and automatically support their non profit. - Great for Chamber of Commerce and Networking organizations to assist their members and establish a new non dues revenue stream. If you do not sell any products or services you can still profit from this program through our cooperation with the Lyconet Marketing Agency. Click Here to learn more.
  • Step-by-step instructions for purchasing an eGift Card
    1) In your myWorld app, select eGift Cards on the dashboard. 2) Select the merchant by scrolling through the options or enter the merchant name in the search bar at the top of the app. 3) Click on the merchant and select the desired eGift Card denomination value. Some merchants offer fixed denominations like $25,$50, or $100, while others provide a custom value option. Once you have made your selection or entered the value, click on "Add to cart". 4) If you have Cashback or myWorld E-vouchers available, you can apply the amount towards the payment. 5) Select Credit/Debit card payment. Alternatively, you can opt for payment via bank transfer. In this scenario, you will need to transfer funds from your bank account to top up your myWorld account. This process typically takes 3-4 business days, and you will not receive your eGift card until the transfer is finalized. 6) Confirm terms and conditions (2 Checkboxes) 7) Click Place Binding Order 8) Enter ZIP code associated with your Credit Card. 9) Choose the payment card on file or enter a new one. You can also user Apple Pay or Google Pay. 10) Enter the 3 digit CVV code on the card. 11) After process is completed, you will be able to open your E-Gift Card and pay with it in the store. Your Cashback and Shopping points will be visible immediately after your e-Gift Card purchase. No need to redeem gift card to receive benefits.
  • When will I receive my Cashback and Shopping Points for eGift Card purchases?
    You will receive Cashback and Shopping points approximately 2 hours after purchasing the eGift Card. This is regardless of whether have already used the e-GiftCard for shopping.
  • What to do if i did not receive my eGift Card?
    There could be various reasons for not receiving the e-Gift Card. Please review the following common issues before reaching out to support: 1) Occasionally, customers may select the option to pay using "PAYMENT VIA TRANSFER TO YOUR SHOPPING CREDIT" instead of a CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD PAYMENT. If they do not complete the Direct Debit authorization process and fail to send the payment confirmation to, the actual payment will not be processed. 2) At times, the Credit Card payment may be rejected by the bank. In such instances, it is advisable to reach out to the bank or try using an alternative card. 3) Verify if your order was finalized and payment was successful using the following steps: To view some details on the myWorld APP: a) Tap on your Profile picture located in the top right corner. b) Select Order Overview. Here, you should see the status of your order. It should display as COMPLETED if everything processed correctly. For a comprehensive overview of your order details, log in to a) Click on your Profile picture in the top right corner. b) Navigate to my Purchases. Here, you can view the status of each order. 4) Kindly verify the presence of your gift cards using one of two methods: Through your myWorld APP: a) Navigate to the eGiftCard button on the home page. b) Select the NOT REDEEMED button. Here, you will find a list of all the e-gift cards you have purchased but have not yet marked as redeemed. Alternatively, you can check on your back office: a) Click on your Profile picture in the top right corner. b) Select E Vouchers & Gift Cards. c) Click on myDeals and Gift cards for Loyalty merchants. For escalated support inquiries: If you have confirmed that your order was successfully completed and verified that the eGift Card is not present, please email our support team at
  • How to find my eGift Card on my APP?
    1) click on the eGiftCard button on the home page 2) Click on the button NOT REDEEMED on the top right and there you will see all of your eGift Cards that you did not marked Redeemed yet.
  • How to know the balance on my eGift Card?
    These are authentic gift cards issued by the merchants, not by myWorld. Therefore, myWorld acts solely as the seller and not the issuer, and does not possess information regarding the remaining balance on the eGift Card. Each eGift Card includes a feature that allows you to manually input the remaining balance, enabling you to keep track of the updated amount at all times. Once your eGift Card balance reaches zero, remember to mark it as "REDEEMED" for proper record-keeping. The majority of merchants provide an option on their websites to check the balance of their gift cards. Additionally, there are numerous websites available where you can check the balances for a variety of different partners. Here are a couple of links you can use: Walmart: Macy's :
  • What to do if a business did not accept my eGift Card?
    All eGift cards are original gift cards issued by the respective merchants. Therefore, if an employee informs you that they do not accept these eGift cards, they are mistaken. In such a situation, kindly request to speak with the Manager. IMPORTANT! Please note that Walmart has a specific policy prohibiting their employees from accepting electronic gift cards directly. In such cases, it is necessary for a manager to authorize the transaction. However, we have observed that many managers may not be familiar with this process. For a smooth shopping experience at Walmart, we recommend using the Walmart App. Within the app, you can manage your payment methods. Simply add the eGift Card purchased from myWorld under the GIFT CARDS payment method in the Walmart app. When checking out at Walmart, ensure to use WALMART PAY through their app for a seamless transaction.
  • When will I receive my Cashback and Shopping Points when shopping online?
    SHOPPING POINTS: For online purchases, it may may take a couple days for recording. Shopping Points will be allocated once the purchase is recorded. CASHBACK: A countdown clock from the purchase date will appear, typically paying out after 30 days. Exceptions apply for cases like a vacation bookings, where Cashback is paid after completion.
  • When will I receive my Cashback and Shopping Points after a Scan & Go purchase?
    SHOPPING POINTS: After the purchase is registered, it may take a few hours to reflect in your app. Subsequently, the Shopping Points will be distributed. CASHBACK: Following your purchase, a countdown timer of 15 days will commence from the date of your purchase. Once the timer reaches zero, which is 15 days post-purchase, you will receive Cashback.
  • How to upload a receipt if i received it as a sms or in email instead printed?
    To upload the receipt: 1) click on the profile picture on the top right corner of your myWorld App. 2) There you will see a button Upload Receipt. 3) Then choose the merchant and click on it. 4) Choose between option Select an existing photo ot Select a Document file. Depends where you have ti file of the photo.
  • What options do you have to use Shopping Points as a Lyconet Marketer?
    The same as Shoppers, Marketers can redeem their Shopping Points for Cash through CashBack Deals. But on top of that, the company offers specials for marketers that gives them additional options to redeem Shopping Points. - Redeem for Partnership Codes - Redeem for my Site Replicated website - Redeem for discounts on Event Tickets - Redeem for discounts in Lyconet Marketing Materials - Redeem for Special Deals
  • How do you collect Shopping Points as a Lyconet Marketer?
    You can collect Shopping Points in many ways: - Through Shopping - Through Monthly SP PACK orders - Through Elite Club Membership
  • How to Redeem Shopping Points for CashBack Deals
    1) Click on CashBack Deal Button on homepage. 2) Click on Show All or enter merchant name in search 3) If this is a Merchant on Scan & Go you scan the receipt as usual. If this is an online merchant click shop online and shop as usual. If this is an E-Gift Card merchant purchase the E-Gift Card as usual. 4) Your Shopping Points will be redeemed for cash Automatically.
  • Where to enter or change personal information?
    If a person is already registered as a Shopper (myWorld member) they can easily upgrade to a Lyconet Marketer. ​ Process: 1) Go to 2) Click on: Register now for free 3) Click on: Register with your account 4) Login with your myWorld Username and password. 5) Confirm personal data and enter address. 6) Order SP Pack if desired.
  • Where to add Bank info?
    Please enter your Bank account info : 1) Login to 2) On top right of your screen you will see circle for your picture and just click on it. 3) Click on My Settings 4) Click on Payment Details. Under Bank Details enter - Bank Routing Number - Bank Account Number - Account Holder (your name) CLICK SAVE WATCH VIDEO
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